Here at Hydecker, we take our foundations very seriously. Not just "foundations" in the brick and mortar sense of the word, but the foundations that hold us together as a company – the roots that comprise the Hydecker family. That is why we are very proud of our archives, a vast museum of scale models, engineering specs and dreams.

Our collection recently gained a notable new addition when the Flynn estate donated a vintage blueprint to our library. It was drafted by Jordan Canas, the late mother of Sam Flynn and wife of long-missing billionaire Kevin Flynn.

Notice the lines on this bold sketch. In it, Jordan emulated the ridges of a giant circuit along the middle panel of the structure. The clients loved the look so much that they translated it into a waterfall, built into the façade of their skyscraper.

Jordan's groundbreaking designs for such landmarks as the Hedera Helix Building changed the direction of modern architecture as we know it. To quote her husband, Kevin Flynn (circa 1986), "Jordan has realized the future of architecture, made it come to life – the rest of us are just trying to catch up."

Jordan Canas, you will be missed... but not forgotten.